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Online Only SEO Business Mastermind


Summer Camp for Serious Digital Marketers:Mastermind in the Mountains event in August 2021

Only 15 spots available in each. 

Pick one or both…whatever works best for you.

SEO Biz Online Mastermind:

Objective: Bring together a small group of SEO business owners and leverage everyone’s experiences and situations

For some people and businesses, my experiences and knowledge can be used to unlock major opportunities otherwise available.

How would you like several others, including myself, to help look at your business?

…to be able to pick out some of the blind spots you may have…hey we all have ’em…

…so, how valuable would it be for me to be able to catch the big opportunities before they pass you by

…or to catch issues before they become large…

Would you like to have another perspective on some of your business issues from someone who has a lot of experience with SEO, Maps SEO, Clients, and SEO Lead Gen?

That’s me and I will obviously be very active in the mastermind.

Let’s get to the core of what makes your business tick and how we can grow your business better, faster, stronger.

You will get the latest scoop on all my most up to date techniques and concepts…

…top secret stuff that I don’t reveal to the public

The nuts and bolts: we will have 1.67 mastermind sessions a month for 12 months…8/12 months we will have 2 & 4/12 we will have 1.

I joined an online mastermind a few years back and a guy in there helped me make an extra $52k directly

…and I still talk to a few of the other guys about business and they’ve helped give me a fresh perspective of my challenges from time to time.

A mastermind can do the same for you…

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Summer Camp for Serious Digital Marketers: Mastermind in the Mountains

When: Fri, Aug 6th – Sun, Aug 8th

Where: In the Colorado Rockies just West of Denver

Objective: Mastermind & Have Fun in The Rockies in the Summer

Would like to mastermind with other badasses in a fun way in beautiful nature?

First 3 to book will get their rooms paid for 3 nights at the following location:

Networking with others who have either been there and done that or who are working through it right now has been INVALUABLE to my business over the years.

Furthermore, again, like the online mastermind above, getting direct feedback from others working to build their businesses can provide you and your business with outstanding results.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had casual conversations about powerful concepts in my business in a networking setting.

You will have a choice of many great options: hiking, white water rafting, golfing, fly fishing, and more…

…some of which we will do as a group.

I know I will definitely be hiking and white water rafting.

I will also be celebrating and having tons of fun and/or relaxation time in the beautiful Rockies…as I hope you will as well!

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Some sample Summer Camp pictures:

Interested? So, How Much?

NEITHER are as much as the $52k I made directly (+ other excellent indirect revenue help)…

Click Here to Checkout Pricing

Offers will be available through Thursday, May 27th, midnight EST…

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Crush Local SEO with the Maps SEO Ninja Training Course – January 2021

Local SEO has become more and more important to local businesses over the last 3-5 years…

…as Google looks to push their Google Maps listings in their primary Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

The Maps Listings is taking up more space and showed up in more SERPs than even just a few years ago.

I’ve done a bunch of Maps SEO tests…and the results are in the following course…

Check it out:

Approximate transcription:

Hi, this video is about the Maps SEO Ninja training. And in this video, I’m going to talk about me, my name is David Hood, and why you should listen to me. I’m going to talk about why Maps, why have I picked up a Maps focus for my SEO business and what does a Maps focus look like, and then what you get inside the course with this offer. So about me, in 2012, I did quit my day job. I was an engineer and obviously not happy and I never regret quitting my job even though for the first year or so, it was kind of rough, but basically since 2013, I would say that I could label my business as successful to a significant degree. And I’ve been 100% focused on SEO and that was one of the things that I think made a pretty big difference for me.

Most of my revenue has come from and still does come from doing SEO for clients. I also do some lead generation and then I also make money from selling courses like this, teaching other people, have been teaching other people what I’ve learned in my experiences since about 2014 off and on. Much more focus over the last couple of years. So why Maps? I noticed the localization trends as Google was pushing their Maps results into searchers faces more frequently and more prominently over time. If you look at like how they did Maps listings five years ago, maybe five to seven years ago, they didn’t put the Maps listings in nearly as many search results. Also, they didn’t take up as much space. You could see a lot of times when you did the search, you could actually see the first non Maps organic listing, even if there was a Maps listing at the top of the organic part of the search results.

Now that’s just not true. If there’s a Maps listing, you can maybe you just see the first one and you have to page down and then to see the first non Maps organic listing and even then it’s still kind of lower on the page. So if you’re doing SEO for a local business, Maps is absolutely critical. It’s only gotten more critical over time. And I think that Google really likes where they’re at with Maps. And part of the reason for that is that they make more money when the Maps listings take up more space, so Google is a business after all, and they’re trying to make more money and they do this primarily because it keeps people on their platform for longer. So if you consider them sending a link to like a Yelp listing, sending the people, the visitors to that location versus them going deeper into their kind of like Maps platform.

So which one do you think is better? They can’t really sell them ads on… well, I guess it’s possible, but they don’t on the Yelp listings, but if I’m in the Maps listings still, like I clicked through to that, then I am still able to click on an ad of theirs so they can make more money. Not only that, but they get more data and Google really loves data and ultimately, this is part of how they’re able to stay relevant and monetize their business is through data. And so they get both for those going in their favor, so why wouldn’t they do this? Also, I think that they have gotten feedback from users on this. They take a lot of data on… part of the reason why sometimes you see localized results in kind of strange searches that you wouldn’t expect it is because they’re testing it there and if users respond positively, then they’re going to keep doing that even if it kind of initially upon first inspection, wouldn’t make sense.

So they’re highly incentivized from multiple angles to continue this trend or at least not reverse it. I want to kind of mention sort of like what it was like to be number one way back in the day and what it is like to be number one now. And so it used to be first of all, the non Maps organic was for a local business was much more important. And so you could say I’m number one for Dallas plumber, but that doesn’t really mean very much now because well, are you number one in the Maps because if you’re not in the Maps, then this is not nearly as valuable. I mean, we’re talking 10 times, 100 times less valuable to be number one for Dallas plumber in the non Maps today than it was five to 10 years ago when there was no Maps or the Maps wasn’t nearly as prominent versus now with a Maps listing, you really want to be in the Maps basically for local businesses, especially if you like the example I gave with like a plumber, every single search phrase that they really want to rank for is going to be a local search for it, where no matter what you do even if you don’t put it in the city, Google is going to return highly localized search results.

And to me, what this means is that the Maps listing, the Maps search results is basically the VIP line for local businesses. There’s way more. We’re not talking a little bit more, we’re not talking 20% more. We’re talking five to 10 to more to 20 times more traffic. Okay. That is a lot more traffic because I think a lot of people just aren’t going to the non Maps listings and it just reconfirms what Google likes. These Maps listings are far more engaging, so Maps has become more important. And my business is still heavily focused on SEO, but a lot of my SEO in general, a very large amount of it probably something on the order of 60 to 80% of it is local SEO, so I do a lot of local SEO.

And so a couple of years ago, I decided to focus on Maps SEO. I identify that it was important to a lot of my clients. It was important in my lead generation stuff and it was something that I felt like there was an opportunity talk about and there’s not like a lot of good Maps SEO courses. There definitely are some good ones for sure, but there’s just not like a lot of it. And I could feel that it was changing and that a lot of people were still kind of using techniques for Maps SEO that worked five years ago. Some of them still work today or they’re maybe just not quite as complete as they used to be. And some of them are just completely outdated, but I recognize this as an amplifier on my business, that if I became better at Maps SEO, it would help with my clients and my lead gen and my attracting clients would help with everything.

And so I really went after it and I ran a lot of tests. I studied from a lot of different people and I kind of double-check the trends every once in a while and the trends seem to keep pointing more and more towards this becoming more and more important for local businesses. And I do have a lot of lead generation Google My Business Pages that I use to test this stuff on, so it’s not just about like, “Oh, some guy who I trust said that you should do this, therefore you should do this.” I’m going to test all of that. This the stuff I talk about in the courses, this is stuff that I actually do and I don’t leave out any secret. There’s not like a secret sauce that I’m keeping from you to make my SEO better.

So what do you get inside the course? There’s six quick modules and there’s going to be some screenshots. I should put a link somewhere below or above or just directly below or above. If this is not a sales page, you’ll see screenshots of what this looks like. I’m going to show you a few little ones here, but I don’t want to do too many in this video because I will probably be updating them over time. This course isn’t going to take you months or years to go through. You should be able to go through it pretty quickly. There’s about 20 training videos right now. I’ll probably add a few more over time and definitely as I update the course, but they’re pretty quick and to the point about specific topics. Most of them are about five to 12 minutes long.

I do have two shared checklists, SOPs, process documentation, standard operating procedures, whatever you want to call them for how I do Maps SEO. This is the what me and my team use and I share them with the group. And there’s a private members only Facebook group. I just say, there’s no secret, so again, this is not me giving you my throwaway techniques and keeping the best for myself. I don’t really think of, why would I do this? I don’t really think of other people as being super competitive in terms of no one can really be me, so I’m not really thinking about in terms of competition, but also even if I were, I kind of went either way. Let’s say, if only like a hundred people buy this, that’s not really going to make any difference in terms of my ability to rank.

Maybe there’s a couple of random projects out there where I ranked slightly worse than them, but I think that’s unlikely. I think I can execute very well and so I can compete well if I have to, but at the same time, if I sell 10,000 of these, well, then I sold 10,000 of these. And if other people are out there making money and ranking with what I do, then I get testimonials and then it just reinforces and I can make money in other ways. So I kind of feel like I win either way, but also I do like… if you’re like, “Why is he doing this,” I do like helping people. I do like sharing information. Jim Rowan said, “Study, practice, teach.” And that’s kind of what I do. I study, I practice it and then when I have something to say about something, I try to help people.

Maybe this offer’s for you. Maybe it’s not. If you do a lot of local client SEO, I think that there’s a really good chance you’re going to find this to be valuable, unless you really are really already super, super good. Anyway, so what does it look like on the inside? This is a really small screenshot. Maybe I can make this a little bit bigger. These are the different modules. And again, I’m not going to go into great detail with the screenshots here because there’s going to be other places below or above or somewhere around that will have more screenshots and they’ll be more up to date than this video. So let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to shoot me an email david@digitaldominationdojo.com or reach out in the Facebook group or whatever you want to do. You can leave a comment on this video as well. Like this video, if you liked the training or if you like the idea of Maps SEO. Thanks for watching and have a great day. Bye now.

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Fusion Protocol/Laboratory Review & Bonus – November 2020

If you have “Digital Agency” as part of your business plan, you will want to consider purchasing Fusion Protocol/Laboratory…

…this is even more true if your agency work centers around SEO as mine does.

If you’d like to see more details, watch the video:

Approximate transcription:

Hi. David Hood here, and this video is about fusion laboratory or protocol. It’s gone by different names for 2021. My review of it … along with I do have some bonuses if you do buy through my link. But I want you to understand what it is you’re buying, and I think I’m going to be able to explain it to you in this video pretty concisely. But also without leaving out important details of what it could really mean for your business to sign up for something like this.

So, what is it? Let’s take a look. It’s essentially a product about digital marketing or SEO agency business model. They provide systems and support of different kinds. Every agency is sales and service essentially. You can break almost everything down to that. And so they provide a lot of content on sales and on service, which is good. It makes it a complete product in a way, which is actually, it’s a really … I think this product is newsflash or predicting the future. It’s a really great deal for the price you get. It is not going to be everything that you’ll ever need for your business, but no product can really promise that. If it does, it’s very unlikely that it’s true or that there’s some angles that you’re still going to need to work on. Even if they sort of think that they’re telling the truth.

There’s a big focus on systems in the course, which I really like. I think that’s really important. A huge part of what a business is and what makes a business more and more valuable over time is building systems. Building systems to have your business run more and more efficiently over time, and by lower and lower skilled people, and therefore be less expensive and do more. Not quite exactly like that, but that’s sort of the objective that you move towards. And there’s always room for improvement. Even big, massive businesses that have been around for a hundred years still have systems improvements that that can be made.

There’s an extra focus on SEO. My business is focused around SEO. A lot of the service stuff is SEO, and so I think that’s where a lot of the value is. But they do talk about other forms of digital marketing outside of that. I didn’t really pay too much attention to it, so I’m not going to comment on it. But I believe it was some amount of social media stuff and ad stuff. But it’s just not something that I’m interested in running for my business at all. I can’t really comment. If that’s really important to you, then you might need to find another place to find some information on that.

This is what it looks like on the inside. At least right now. Over on the right here’s where most of the stuff is. I mean, from a design standpoint it’s not the prettiest website in the world, but I don’t care about that. Hopefully you don’t. The information in here, do not underestimate it. These are some real badasses sharing their thoughts and philosophies on how to build a business, and how to rank a website, and stuff like that. It’s extremely valuable. You could watch all of this … virtually all of it, and it’s almost all it’s going to be helpful. Unless you’re super advanced, and then maybe even some of it I still think will still be helpful. And then reviewing the basics, fundamentals, and seeing it from somebody else’s angle is still helpful for a business. You’re not going to be wasting your time in my opinion with this.

They got selling to clients, fulfilling some software deals. Greg [Morrisson 00:03:22] SEO. I mean, this is worth the price of admission right here. This is really excellent. He really gets to the point. Not that it is every possible SEO technique that you could want. That’s absurd. It’s not really reasonable to get that. There’s so much out there. But his stuff is really good, and he really knows what he’s talking about. He really backs it up with actual data. I did two different screenshots here. And then there’s sort of … this is like the business setup. That’s really useful. And they have some other information for you where you can interact with.

I think it’s a really great deal, and I’m going to go with a little bit more into what it is and what you get with it. But first of all, if you buy through my link you do get my one of kind of two and a half bonuses, I guess I’m going to say. The first one is my SEO plans. My SEO business plans for 2021. The specifics of my personal business. You get a 10,000 foot level view of what my plans are for 2021 along with some details and context from 2020. What’s my bread and butter of my business? Really identifying and amplifying that, and going deeper into that is going to be something that … I think everybody should really consider if they’ve had a business for a while what really works for them, and I’m going to share what has really worked for me the most here, and what my plans are for 2021 for that.

Kind of some more business philosophical content here would be … what do I think about COVID, and business, and the economy. Like, what has changed, what hasn’t changed, or what will change. Not so much predicting the future as building a stable foundation that works regardless of what happens with COVID, and what are some principles and some concepts that can help you find your way there for yourself and your business.

It’s kind of a little bit of a clue into some of the stuff, but it’s definitely deeper than this. I am going to be more of an SEO focus all around my business. In all parts of my business, I’m going to be trying to do more and more SEO. That’s something that … That’s my core competency. My core skillset. That’s something that should always be a focus, and it never hurts to reenergize, or re-narrow your focus, or kind of make sure that you’re doing that using the assets that you have as best you can if you’re willing to use them.

Having mentors is critical, and there are several mentors in here. Even if you never actually get a one-on-one with them, or on a webinar with them where they will answer your Q&A, just listening to them and having them in your brain is useful. And that is a form of mentorship. It’s just kind of like reading a book. That’s sort of a form of mentorship. Like a personal development book. And this is what you’re getting with this, and all of these people are successful in their own way. They’re all different, unique people who have been successful in different, unique ways. There’s a lot of different things that you can pick up from them as a whole. And it works together really well as well. Greg Morrison is one of my favorite people ever. He’s a total badass. He’s honest as can be in terms of what he really knows, and what he doesn’t know, and what his data is showing, what his data isn’t showing.

I really trust him a lot, as well as all these other guys as well. Dan Anton’s a badass. His system’s in there. He does a lot of the system stuff. That’s really good. I liked that stuff. Eric Brief, he’s just a sales machine. I doubt anyone else has as much experience talking to potential clients on the phone as Eric Brief does. Joe kind of does it all. Joe does a lot of different things. It seems like there’s not any real skillset that Joe doesn’t have. And he really gets business, I think, to a high level. Michael Tesalona also does SEO and sales. He’s probably closest to what I have done by playing kind of both parts. Being the sales person and the technician at the same time. And then there’s these fun sections where Eric is grilling all of them. I enjoyed that.

Let’s see … Specific sections. I like the agency setup if you’re new. If you’ve had a business for several years, you might not need this. But if you don’t, then this is great. Or if you’re not sure if you set it up right, then this is some good basic stuff that will be helpful. The strategy and the scripts on the sales is actually really, really valuable, I think. Especially the scripts if you can fit it with what you need to do. Kind of the angle of your sales positioning. Then it can be extremely valuable for you. Even if it isn’t, I guess it’s still really valuable to see how somebody else does it. There’s a lot of things you can kind of pick out of it, and choose, and get from the system that they’re suggesting from a sales standpoint.

And then, again, there’s fulfillment. You can kind of start an agency almost from scratch from this. I think this is very beginner-friendly while also having some good stuff for people who are experienced. I purchased it and would recommend that other people purchase it. Bonus 1B … kind of same things similar to bonus one. Kind of bridging my 2020 strategies with fusions, putting that in context, or kind of talking about both at the same time. Like the system’s focus. This is a lot of my background, which you’ll see in bonus two. It’s kind of systems efficiency and stuff like that. Kind of talking about the principles there.

There’s a little bit of a different path here of kind of having an SEO-focused business versus having a more broad digital marketing focused business. The principles and considerations are different. And then really, a lot of this also comes down to where do I stand, and where do you stand in terms of on the playing field of business? You can’t stand where I’m standing. You can’t suddenly be where I’m standing, right? And I can’t just stand where you’re standing. That’s something to really consider that I’ll go over a little bit more. Then I do have a product called max power productivity for … I forgot it. Hold on. Max power productivity program for digital marketers that I think is pretty timeless. Like, strategy and system stuff.

I have a background in all the games that I’ve played since a kid. Like, strategy type games. And then I was also an industrial engineer for many years ahead … six and a half years. I had a master’s degree in industrial engineering. Human integrated systems was kind of the sub category. I have a big background in studying systems, analyzing systems, looking at the math of systems, and applying that to another business, and then also my business. There’s a lot of kind of productivity principles in here, I think, because you’re a system. All of your work is a system. Your business is a system. Your life is a system. Et cetera. I mean, it’s such a broad word. But working on building that. And one of the best ways to really build it is to understand the principles of productivity, which is really, I think …

There’s not a lot of content like this, I don’t think, out there at all. Be it free or paid. There are some. There’s a Getting Things Done by David Allen. I feel like it just barely scratches the surface of sort of natural economic principles of just our existence that you can use to in different situations. And it doesn’t always apply. But when it does, it does. Looking at it from different viewpoints, and concepts, and strategies, and some specific situations that help you think, “Oh, okay. When I encountered that kind of situation again, this is actually the correct way to go even though maybe it immediately isn’t obvious. But this way is actually way better, and opens up some different opportunities that you didn’t know were there.” And this is also kind of like productivity for business. But also, there’s some personal stuff I think that you could potentially get out of it depending on how efficient your kind of personal systems are.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. Let me know if you have any questions. You can leave a comment below or you can message me. I think it’s a great deal, especially if you have an SEO business. Some type of agency model that you’re looking to to go for it. This is a really great place to start, or even to continue your education on some great ideas on building that business. Again, I want to point out the importance of having mentors, having people who’ve done it before, and learning from them. This is so valuable to doing anything. And even people who are experts in their fields still have mentors. Don’t think that you can ever be beyond having mentors. Anyway, thanks. Like this video if you liked it. Subscribe for more videos. Have a good day. Bye.


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Google My Business Proximity Influence Building 2021 – October 2020

If you aren’t considering the proximity influence of your Google My Business (GMB) pages, then you’re…

…missing a huge piece of the puzzle to understanding (a) how well you are actually ranking & (b) what you need to do to improve that GMB’s organic traffic.

Approximate transcription:

Hi, this video is about GMB digital proximity influence. That’s a mouthful. Basically when you’re trying to rank in the maps. One of the most important parts to Google’s algorithm is going to be how… Is basically your business’s proximity to the searcher.

Now, proximity. I’m going to kind of use in air quotes here because it’s more of a digital proximity in that just, because someone is physically closer… Gives them an advantage for sure, but it doesn’t automatically mean that they’re more relevant from a proximity standpoint. That’s why you can have more influence maybe a couple of miles down the road sometimes than you do some place that’s closer. This is also why it’s not just whoever is closest to me. I think that how much weight they put on to physical closeness also depends on the market.

Maybe a pizza place versus a construction company. Both of them are going to have probably, Google My Business pages, but I think they’re going to be willing to go further for some types of services and Google tweaks. I believe that, that’s part of their algorithm, that kind of accounts for that. Anyway. So, this is not super well understood right now, I think. It’s a huge part of Google’s algorithm. In fact, after GMB category, basically, how relevant they think you are geographically to the searcher becomes the next biggest factor, so to speak. So almost all of my Google, my business, SEO stuff has this included or as the primary objective, is to increase the proximity influence. I’m always keeping that in consideration. If I’m trying to rank a project. If we’ve got a project with a company that has one or more Google My Business pages for which Google is serving up maps in the search engine results pages.

So, all plumbers with pretty much every keyword that they have, unless it’s a super small city. This is a very commonly, a huge part of a project. It’s no longer… Maybe five years ago you could say, Oh, I rank second in the maps for a Dallas plumber. Right? You could say that, and it would be reasonable and pretty much all over Dallas. You’d be pretty much accurate. That’s not true anymore. It’s really. If I hear somebody say, hey, I rank in the maps. I rank number two in the maps for this keyword. It kind of clues me into the fact that they don’t really know what it means to rank in the maps. And that’s what I’m going to talk about now, because it’s a major precursor or a major point of understanding that really needs to be thought about deeply in order to understand how to appropriately affect digital proximity influence.

You need to be tracking this, okay. If you have a project that has Google maps listings, you should be tracking what I call the rank of ranking geogrids. And I’m not the person that came up with this. There’s several pieces of software out there that do this for you. I use them just for the ranking geogrids a lot of times they have other features. I don’t like it when… I don’t use features that involve logging into accounts with clients. I don’t want to use the same access code because it kind of creates a footprint. If one of them gets suspended, then it could create the other ones. So, I try to separate the Google My Business pages as much as possible in terms of them all being on different accounts. This is different. This is more of a tracking standpoint, and I can track anybody.

It’s not actually accessing the Google My Business page. Quick side track on that. Okay. So here’s a bunch of examples. I’m going to use these examples as I go through and give you more examples of exactly how I would implement in different scenarios. You can see here, this is a really new listing. I showed this in another video of more broad maps. SEO video. This is an older lesson and obviously ranks a lot better. You can see the only place that they rank at all is basically right next door, right in this… At the center is the actual Google My Business page location, right? The point is to kind of grow this influence, not necessarily in a circular manner. It Doesn’t always make sense to grow it in a circular manner.

As you can see here in this first one. Let’s take a look at some of these other ones here. These two are really interesting because it’s a pretty significant patchwork. You have one, two, and then nothing. Then oddly, further away you ranked better. Now, the further you get from the first page, the first three to five results. The more fluctuation it could be. This could just be the timing of checking that sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. Like when you’re rank 17. The fact that there’s multiple data points over here, that kind of… It’s pretty interesting that it kind of can go up and down and can be further away and actually rank better. So even all the way up here.

So, what I would do. Let’s say this is, well, I’m going to get into that. What I would do this listing. But identify this is maybe an area for growth, basically. And we have already built relevance to this area and we built relevance to this area. Now we still need to work on these other areas. And you can see another example here. Two to 17. This is quickly dropping this way and you have some more influence up here. Now, part of this is, in this specific area, there’s a good bit of little cities. And so [inaudible 00:05:29] and this is actually located in South Lake, Texas. But there’s a bigger city right here. Grapevine. That you kind of hit a wall, right? So, you can hit walls if it actually moves into a different city in terms of ranking. It doesn’t mean you can’t rank. Especially right over the border, especially if it’s really close.

If the Google My Business pages is a mile from the next city it can still ranked there. It’s just a lot harder and so something to be aware of. Here’s another one and ranking pretty well. Still could use some influence up here. Build it up in these areas. And then here’s another example. We can see there’s a lot of number one rankings, but then you just kind of go this way and it’s much harder. This is also about competition. This is downtown Fort Worth. So you just got to be more competitive. That’s to be expected. It doesn’t mean you don’t take these low hanging fruit up here. Okay. So, now… Where did this go? There we go. Okay. So how do we go about influencing this? Now that we go, okay, so we can rank in different areas. Let’s say we’re… This is a really good example right here.

Let’s say, we’re here. What are we going to try to do? And let’s assume this is all one city just for the sake of argument. We’re going to try… Actually, this one’s better. It’s a little better. We’re going to try to find a specific point of interest. So this park right here, and we’re going to try to build relevance to this specific park relevant to the Google My Business page. So we’re going to make the Google… We’re going to send information to Google that lets them think that… It gives them information, that these two things are relevant. There’s a lot of different ways to do that. You can do that in all sorts of parts of SEO. With it. With your Google My Business page itself. You can do it on your page, on your site. There’s actually a lot of things you can do on there.

There is kind of unlimited amount of ways in which you can do this. That you can work on the influence on your site because you have complete control over it with link building. Let’s give an example of a link. Let’s say I want to be more relevant over here, right? Again back to this analogy up here. And let’s say they have a donation page or something on Trammell Park that will allow me to get a link, right? Somehow I can get a link. I can, yeah. I call them up. I can ask them, if it’s not like a public thing, maybe this is possible, right? Let’s just assume that it’s a private park and I can get a link and say, hey, I’ll donate a hundred bucks or whatever to you. And I can get a link back to my website specifically back to the URL that is inside the Google My Business Page. The best place. Even just to the homepage would be good too.

That’s going to add a lot of relevance because they’re telling Google, hey, we appreciate this. That link, especially… They’re going to have a Google My Business page. So think about that. This is a brand that is tied into the website. Google my business page is talking to the website and the website is talking to the Google My Business page. And they’re linking to your website from their website, which is also tied into Google My Business page. Google can make that connection. Okay. So that is an example of link, now that’s a great link. So don’t expect to get that very often, but it’s an awesome type of link. There’s a lot of other kinds of links that you can use to make it more relevant. You can talk both at the same time. That’s just one way of doing it.

You can do it on your site. So on your site, have a page about Trammell Park and put it in the section of your site, that is all relevant to that Google My Business page you’re trying to rank. So you want to enter the link properly. You could just… If there’s a video about Trammell Park. Put it on your site, on one of your pages that would add relevance. There’s a lot of different things that you can do there. Examples with the GMB. So you can do insights, that’s sort of the backend. You could make a post about Trammell Park. You could talk about it. That’s going to add some relevance. I wouldn’t do this too much. It’s not like you can just make a hundred posts about Trammell Park and then you’re super relevant.

Well, maybe… I don’t recommend doing that, but it could still work. It’s just one… You’re looking at this thing and you’re going to do it. You’re going to add relevance in all these places. Let’s say. So we want to rank in Trammel Park. We’re going to see… Look for opportunities in all of these places to help improve the influence. And so making a GMB post is just one of several things that you are going to try to do. Outside as well. So if you think about… If someone is sitting in Tramell Park and they get driving directions from their phone to my business, that’s a signal to Google. This is much harder to manipulate, but there are still ways to kind of send these signals. It’s kind of a whole can of worms in and of itself.

I won’t be able to go into in this video. But I think that if you know of any way to send traffic, be it real or fake, or that looks real to Google, this would be something that you could consider. There’s kind of like offline marketing, where you get real people to take actions that you want them to do. That’s going to be helpful. You can do have to be careful with it because it can’t look… If it looks fake, then that could really hurt you. Okay. I want to clarify one last point about what a POI is. It’s kind of anything, literally it could be a park. It could be an intersection. It could be a zip code. It could be a neighborhood. And I typically like to pick big, unique things that are unique potentially to the city.

Like in this example, the Dallas museum of art or Trammel Park. These are examples of things that are… There’s not another Dallas Museum of Art, right? Fort Worth Botanical Garden right here. Fort Worth Stockyards. These are all good things, I think, to make yourself more relevant too. Because there’s a uniqueness to it that makes it… I think the connection a bit stronger. I don’t think you couldn’t do this, but I would probably never do it. I think I could always find a better opportunity. I would never do like a McDonald’s. But I think that would still probably work. I just think it would be out of place and it would not work as much as finding a more… Something that has… A POI that has a stronger presence in Google’s eyes.

That’s going to be what I have to say on that. I think I covered everything. If you’ve never seen these before. Well, welcome to the Google My Business page, ranking world. This is absolutely critical. If you’re not doing this and you’re trying to rank in the maps. Then you’re not understanding what’s going on. You just can’t know what’s going on. You can’t do enough manual searches to really check this. What you want to do is you want to track this over time for any client.

Once a month, take a screenshot, just like I’ve done here and document it and save it, right. That’s going to be really helpful to enable you to really paint the picture that things are improving. And also to know where to put the work into. What do you need more relevant to? So if you’re up here, if you’re in this situation right here, you don’t want to build relevance to these number ones. You’re already relevant there. You’re good. You don’t need it. You want POIs that are up here. Anyway. Let me know if you have any questions, leave a comment below. I will try to respond when I can. And if you liked the video. Please like and subscribe for more videos. Thanks and have a great day. Bye now.

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